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incorporating  ...

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Just some of the
boards we fix.

3200 Detacher board

3200 Boumatic Detachers


3400 Perfection Milk Meter Detacher
3400 Perfection
Boumatic Detachers


4600 Signature Series Boumatic Detacher
4600 Signature Series
Boumatic Detachers


Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller
Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller Bottom View

Boumatic PC-201
Pulsation Controllers



PRISM Pulsation Controller with cover

Boumatic PRISM
Pulsation Controllers


Glacier-Guard and Guardian II Boards

Guardian II
Control Boards


Waikato MutiPhase System Dismantled

Waikato MultiPhase System

Waikato MultiPhase


DeLaval Alpro MPC-II

DeLaval Alpro Circuit Board

'Alpro'  MPCII


DeLaval Master Unit plus Power Supply

DeLaval EP Master Unit Complete

EP Master Units


DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028 Pulsator Control Board

DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028
Pulsation Control Boards



Multi-Phase Pulsation Controller

So far, we have not seen a lot of Waikato equipment in for repair  ...  so the main devices we can report on here  ...  are the Muti-Phase Pulsation Controller  ...  or Pulseriter  

...  and the Xtra Delay Automatic Cup Remover Boards  further down the page.

The purpose of the Pulseriter is to stagger the timing between all the pulsators  ...  to even out the demand on the vacuum supply.

One of it’s features is that when set up  ...  it measures the current flow to each bank of pulsators  ...  and memorises the reading.

From then on  ...  each time it is switched on  ...  it measures the current flow again and compares it to what is stored in memory.

If any of the readings are different  ...  an indicator light comes on  ...  and the faulty pulsator chain is identified on the display. The device wont run until you deal with the problem  ...  or isolate the faulty line.

It is then a matter of finding the cause  ...  which is usually either wiring to one or more pulsators  ...  or a faulty pulsator.

Obviously the machine itself can malfunction and give misleading indications too  ...  so that is where we can help.

Xtra Delay Cup Remover Boards

These boards are usually mounted on top of the post which holds the cup removing ram, so are well out of the way of the usual overspray and mess which can cause problems for a lot of systems.

They are controlled by a Master Unit which sets the parameters for all of the boards in the dairy  ...  so can be adjusted readily from just one spot, changing all units at once.

        3 x Waikato Xtra Delay Automatic Cup Remover Boards

They are well protected from moisture with a thick coating of silicon  ...  and with a pluggable microcontroller IC can be updated if necessay

      Waikato Xtra Delay Automatic Cup Remover Board

Please contact us if you have any questions or need to know more.

Or check out these links to Waikato’s main NZ website.

Waikato Products

Waikato Pulsation

Waikato Electronic Cup Removers

...  or to

Daviesway  ...  the Australian distributor of Waikato.


Multi-Phase Pulsation Controller


Opened up  ...


Closer view  ...


Rear of control panel

Another batch of 3 Pulseriters

Another batch of pulseriters 

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