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Just some of the
boards we fix.

3200 Detacher board

3200 Boumatic Detachers


3400 Perfection Milk Meter Detacher
3400 Perfection
Boumatic Detachers


4600 Signature Series Boumatic Detacher
4600 Signature Series
Boumatic Detachers


Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller
Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller Bottom View

Boumatic PC-201
Pulsation Controllers



PRISM Pulsation Controller with cover

Boumatic PRISM
Pulsation Controllers


Glacier-Guard and Guardian II Boards

Guardian II
Control Boards


Waikato MutiPhase System Dismantled

Waikato MultiPhase System

Waikato MultiPhase


DeLaval Alpro MPC-II

DeLaval Alpro Circuit Board

'Alpro'  MPCII


DeLaval Master Unit plus Power Supply

DeLaval EP Master Unit Complete

EP Master Units


DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028 Pulsator Control Board

DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028
Pulsation Control Boards


For All Dairy Farmers & Dairy Service Technicians  ...

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EP Master Unit

These pulsation control boards do an amazing job  ...  running year after year  ...  with extreme reliability.

The usual cause of problems is when the rectifier supplying voltage to the board, fails.

This often burns tracks off the board  ...  and this is one job that most of your local techs can repair without much effort.

Occasionally though  ...  it also cooks some of the switching transistors and diodes etc  ...  and even though the damage can look pretty nasty  ...  it’s usually fairly straight forward to repair and get back into service.

All parts (bar one) are readily available  ...  so again  ...  virtually all faults on these boards can be fixed. We are still working on that one elusive part and expect to be able to either source it eventually  ...  or if there is no other alternative  ...  create our own substitute to solve the problem.

Contact us if you have any questions about these boards  ...  or if you have one to send in  ...  download and fill in a Repair Form and send it in with the board.

If anyone has a spare  ...  or any faulty ones lying around that you no longer want  ...  we would be most interested in hearing from you.

  EP Master Controller      

        EP Master Unit in it's case

EP Master Unit with substitute microcontroller .. top right hand corner      Closeup of alternative microcontroller

EP Master Unit boards  ... note the alternative 'factory fitted' microcontroller device  ...  on top right hand corner of board

EL-ACR System

This is a fairly ancient system  ...  but there are still a good number around.

They can be kept going with a minimum of fuss, so if you are having trouble with any  ...  please dont hesitate to contact us.

Alfa Laval EL-ACR System Control Box                       Alfa Laval EL-ACR System Control Box Internals

Alfa Laval EL-ACR System Plug-in Module   These photos show the control box and it's internals  ...  a disassembled module  ...  and a batch of newly refurbished modules

Old technology, with relays and basic electronics  ...  but still reliable if looked after.

Alfa Laval EL-ACR System Modules Refurbished

ACR 5000 System    ...   ACR  MP300's

These are probably the most widely used of the DeLaval automatic cup removers that we see.

ACR 5000 control panel            ACR 5000 control panel peeled apart

A fairly common problem is for moisture to get in between the layers of the membrane switches and corrode the tracks.

Not much can be done with these switch panels other than replacement.

The pcb's can generally be repaired, though ocassionally we see one where the microcontroller IC has failed  ...  and so far we have been unable to source any.

If anyone can help us with a supply of these microcontroller IC's  ...  please contact us by email or phone  ...  we will definitely make it worth your while   :)

   !!!  News Flash   May 2010  !!!  

We've managed to solve our micro supply problem   ...  we can now repair 100% of these boards  ...  unless they are physically badly mangled or burnt.

So if you have a batch that have failed for whatever reason  ...  send them in for repair, and put them back into service.

A great idea we learned from one of our customers  ...  is to write the symptons of the fault (using a fine felt tipped pen), on the white ribbon connector between the two boards.

It is easy to do, and you dont need to worry about losing bits of paper or trying to remember what was wrong with each board.

The pcb's generally look aged and scruffy  ...  but that is mainly due to the insulation paint used on them, which yellows with age.

It does an excellent job of keeping moisture at bay  ...  just doesn't do anything for the appearance.

ACR 5000 pcb .. component view  ...  MP300   ACR         ACR 5000 pcb rear view  ...  MP300  ACR

Milking Point Controller  ...  Alpro  MPCII

These modules are only a few years old  ...  but are beginning to come in for repair.

They are a very sophisticated control panel, that can handle all the functions at the milking point  ...  pulsation  ...  Duovac TM... automated take-off  ...  milk metering, etc  ...  as well as providing lots of feedback for the user.

As with all other boards and panels found in dairies, external factors like damaged wiring, faulty pulsators, rats and mice, moisture etc  ...  can cause malfunctions on these boards ...  as well as the occasional unit that suffers a component failure..

If you have any issues with these boards, please dont hesitate to contact us or send one in for repair  ...  and as with all the others  ...  
download and fill in a Repair Form and send it in with the board.

If you'd like to read more about the complete 'Alpro' system  ...  download this 14 page pdf article which explains all it's features.

     DeLaval Alpro MPC-II ... Milking Point Controller
Alpro  ...  MPC II  ...  Milking Point Controller

Alpro MPC-II Connectors
Alpro connectors  ...  on rear

Alpro pcb front    Alpro pcb rear
Alpro pcb  ...  front and rear view

        DeLaval Alpro MPC with Corroded Rear Terminals

Here's an Alpro MPC with corroded terminals on the rear. Water has got in somewhere !!!

Alpro MPC with corroded rear terminals

One pin has corroded off and the others look a bit green.

They dont look too bad, until you remove the sockets from the board  ...  and then you can see the damage that has been done.

Water seeps under the sockets and with current still flowing in the circuit, sets up electrolysis. That rapidly corrodes and eats away the pins and the copper tracks, causing all sorts of faults.

Alpro MPC with rear sockets removed ready to be cleaned up and repaired

This one requires a bit of 'reconstructive surgery"

It's starting to look a little better here  ...  ready to be sealed  ...  and then have some new sockets fitted.

DeLaval Alpro MPC with sockets removed and tracks repaired'

New sockets fitted and a new lease on life  ...  ready for action again.

DeLaval Alpro MPC with board repaired, sockets replaced and ready for action again

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