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Just some of the
boards we fix.

3200 Detacher board

3200 Boumatic Detachers


3400 Perfection Milk Meter Detacher
3400 Perfection
Boumatic Detachers


4600 Signature Series Boumatic Detacher
4600 Signature Series
Boumatic Detachers


Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller
Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller Bottom View

Boumatic PC-201
Pulsation Controllers



PRISM Pulsation Controller with cover

Boumatic PRISM
Pulsation Controllers


Glacier-Guard and Guardian II Boards

Guardian II
Control Boards


Waikato MutiPhase System Dismantled

Waikato MultiPhase System

Waikato MultiPhase


DeLaval Alpro MPC-II

DeLaval Alpro Circuit Board

'Alpro'  MPCII


DeLaval Master Unit plus Power Supply

DeLaval EP Master Unit Complete

EP Master Units


DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028 Pulsator Control Board

DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028
Pulsation Control Boards


    About Us

Weichert Electronics   ...  began over 35 years ago in Murray Bridge  ...   in the heart of South Australia’s dairy industry  ...  as a small electronics repair centre catering mainly for tv and video repairs.

About 15 years ago we were approached to repair some Boumatic detachers  ...  4600 series.

Initially believing they were not repairable it took some convincing to take them on board  ...  but when the dairy farmer told us the price of replacement boards  ...  $600 - 700 here in Australia  ...  how many he had in his dairy  ...  and how many his neighbours had  ...  we thought it worthwhile investigating further.

All our initial enquiries (worldwide) led to the same answer, they can't be repaired, and I pretty soon realised we weren't going to get any help from anywhere else  ...  so I got to work myself.

In the early stages we were only able to repair about 60 - 70% of the ones sent in  ...  which was a start  ...  but not very satisfying  ...  so a huge amount of work was put into developing new techniques to tackle the remaining elusive faults.

Major breakthrough

After building some fairly elaborate test gear for the boards, and many many hours tracing circuits etc  ...  we had a major breakthrough  ...  and since then we have been able to repair virtually all of the boards that are sent in.

Having perfected the techniques and the equipment needed to repair the boards, it seemed a waste not to have more of them to do, hence the reason for our first website  ...

The website increased our exposure and brought in all sorts of other dairy work  ...  different Boumatic boards to start with  ...  then lots of everything else.

With the decrease in costs of new tv’s and increased reliability of lcd and plasma sets  ...  the need for domestic electronic repairs is disappearing  ...  and at the same time with the increasing complexity and price of electronic equipment used in dairies, it only makes sense to gear up and cater for that market  ...  hence this new expanded website.

As you will see by exploring the site  ...  we already do quite a number of different electronic control boards for dairies  ...  so even if your equipment is not listed here  ...  if you need any electronic dairy equipment repaired  ...  if you have any problems you need solved  ...  or if you have any questions you need answered  ...  relating to electronics in dairies  ...  please don’t hesitate to email or phone us with your enquiries.

Roger Weichert

Roger Weichert Electronics
30 Bremer Rd
Murray Bridge
SA  5253

Ph: 08 85324442
Mob: 0400 226839

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