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Just some of the
boards we fix.

3200 Detacher board

3200 Boumatic Detachers


3400 Perfection Milk Meter Detacher
3400 Perfection
Boumatic Detachers


4600 Signature Series Boumatic Detacher
4600 Signature Series
Boumatic Detachers


Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller
Boumatic PC-201 Pulsation Controller Bottom View

Boumatic PC-201
Pulsation Controllers



PRISM Pulsation Controller with cover

Boumatic PRISM
Pulsation Controllers


Glacier-Guard and Guardian II Boards

Guardian II
Control Boards


Waikato MutiPhase System Dismantled

Waikato MultiPhase System

Waikato MultiPhase


DeLaval Alpro MPC-II

DeLaval Alpro Circuit Board

'Alpro'  MPCII


DeLaval Master Unit plus Power Supply

DeLaval EP Master Unit Complete

EP Master Units


DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028 Pulsator Control Board

DairyKing / DairyMaster 2028 
Pulsation Control Boards



Are there any special instructions for sending boards from overseas.

Yes! Three things  …

1.  Anything sent into Australia must be scrupulously clean.

Not because we are overly sensitive to cow poo, but because we want to do the right thing by our Australian agricultural industry, as I’m sure you would  …  and also we don’t want to run foul of customs and quarantine officials.

Neither of us want your gear quarantined and sent off for three months .. to who knows where .. to be cleaned by who knows who, at $90/hr  …  or worse  …  seized and destroyed.

2.  State clearly on your invoice  ..  “Faulty! .. for Evaluation and Repair”

If this is not done, Australian Customs will deem it as an import and charge GST (at 10%) before they will allow it through to us.

If you’ve put a high value on your gear, that can be a large imposition for us to carry until our next taxation accounting (BAS statement).

3.  Declare the value at under AUD $1000

If the value is stated above AUD $1000, each shipment has to go through customs  …  and suddenly that takes an extra 7 – 10 days. On the contrary, if the value is under that amount, the consignment can come straight through.

eg. our last shipment from Canada took 4 days  …  instead of 12 days the previous time.

What happens if you cant fix a board?

We will not charge if we cannot repair the board.

Obviously, we will make every effort to find the fault and repair it  ...  we dont make money if we dont fix them so it's in our best interest too.

If, on the rare ocassion a board is beyond repair, we will contact you by email to let you know  ...  then if you are happy to pay the return freight, we will ship it back with no additional charge  ...  or if you dont want it we will discard it, and charge nothing.

If I have a really urgent repair, can you help me?

Most likely. Phone or email us with your request and we will make every effort to help you out.

How much warranty do you give each repair?

Six months  ...  we provide a 6 month, written warranty on all boards.

If the board fails again within six months, contact us with all the details, send it back, and (other than return shipping) we will repair it at no charge.

Obviously you have some responsibility here as well, so if your dairy is flooded out, or hit by lightning  ...

Can you program our settings into the boards before you send them back?

For either the 3400 series or the 4600 series Boumatic boards, if you provide us with the required settings, we will program them in before we return your boards  ...  there's no extra charge.

How do we pay for repairs?

We accept Paypal, Visa or Mastercard via PayPal  ...   or you can pay by 'Direct Bank Transfer'.

For PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer, we will provide the links when the boards arrive.

If you are picking up any boards, we still do accept cash. :)

What normally goes wrong with the boards?

How technical do you want to get, and how much time do you have ???

A large number of problems are caused by moisture or dampness.

Corrosion can set in anywhere there is a defect or scratch through the waterproofing coating on the board. This often leads to component failure in that part of the circuit. It's also a good reason to be careful any time the boards are handled, as any damage may not show up for months.

Some faults are caused by external factors, such as a fault in the wiring to the boards ... from the power supply perhaps, or wiring from the boards, to the valves or lamps etc. Ever seen any rats in the dairy?

Other times, the cause may simply be an electronic component on the board that fails, with no external influence at all.

There is also the possibility of power glitches caused by the power supply to the boards ... even lightning anywhere in the district can cause surges and direct EM radiation which can damage electronics.

Most people poohoo this last bit of information, but I can tell you from my 35 years in this trade, that after virtually every thunderstorm that goes through our district, we get some sort of equipment that has been damaged as a result of lightning.

What if I have some faulty equipment that isn't listed on this site?

We are refurbishing such a variety of equipment, that it is difficult to keep this site fully up to date with everything we have done.

If you have any failed equipment, give us a call or email  ...  and ask. We may already be repairing the item you require, and be able to help you over the phone.

If not, and the replacement cost of your equipment seems excessively high  ...  we would be very happy to give you an estimate to repair it.

The only stipulation would be that we would like as much information about the device
as possible ...  and about the fault or symptons that you have with it.   ie any installation or operater manuals  ...  and a detailed description of the problem..

Why do you go on so much about needing details of the faults?    (If you are half reasonable technicians  ...  surely you can work it out for yourselves?)

Well  ...  I'm glad you asked!  ...  and yes  ...  most times we can.

The difficulty comes in when the item is not something we are familiar with  ...  and particularly when there is an intermittant fault.

Unless we are looking for a specific fault  ...  it can be extremely difficult to find the issue if we aren't aware of what the issue is  ...  common sense really  ...  and even more so if it's not playing up at the time.

Look  ...  I've been at this for 45 years  ...  and there's no substitute for information. If there was I reckon someone would have worked it out by now!!!

Got any other questions?

Feel free to phone or email us if you have any other questions  ...  or if you have any suggestions for other information you'd like to see on the site.

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